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We hope that you will enjoy visiting our web pages.

The month of September marks the beginning of the academic year and the starting of Sacramental Preparation in the parish. At the Sunday Mass on 7th September, the children and students received a special blessing as the new school year began.

First Holy Communion classes are held each Monday from 5.45pm in the church. The team of catechists will prepare the children to receive their First Holy Communion in May 2016.

Preparation for Confirmation will begin on 27th September after the Sunday 9.30 am Mass.

Please keep our children and youth, and their catechists, in your prayers.

New Parish Group

Knitting group

Blanket Squares and warm clothing produced in just 4 weeks!


A new parish group was set up at the beginning of September. The knitting group has 19 members. We meet each Friday morning after Mass to share our time, to have a coffee,  to enjoy the creative processes of knitting and crocheting and for some, to learn a new skill or take up again a long forgotten skill. There are plenty of experienced knitters to offer tuition and encouragement.

Our aim is to support the charity Knit for Peace who will ensure that knitted and crocheted items will be distributed where they are most needed, both in the UK and abroad.

We have already produced a number of garments and blanket squares whilst having fun, enjoying good company and building on our sense of parish community.