St Jude

St Jude

Novena Prayer to St Jude – Co-Patron of Our Community

Saint Jude, faithful disciple and friend of Jesus, many  have forgotten you because of the name of the man  who betrayed the Master. But the church honours you, most holy Apostle, and invokes you as the universal  patron of hopeless cases – of things despaired of. I ask
you to intercede for me now in my time of need. Please  bring help where help is most despaired of, that I may receive consolation from the Lord in my suffering and
assistance in my distress, particularly  (make your request).

Trusting in the Lord’s promise what whatever is asked in the Lord’s name will be granted, I praise God for the  many blessings I have already received from his  generous love and I will honour you as my heavenly patron  and encourage devotion to you in what way I can. Therefore  with confidence I invoke your aid: helper when hope is  fading, help me in my distress. Amen

O Holy St Jude with complete trust in you we plead for  your powerful intercession: be with us in our moments  of hopelessness and helplessness.
O Holy St Jude with complete trust in you we plead for  your powerful intercession: be with us in our times of ill health and pain.
O Holy St Jude with complete trust in you we plead for  your powerful intercession: be with us in our hour of death.
Intercessory Prayers
We pray for our Diocese and in particular our parish  community that we may grow in faith, unity and love.
We ask your blessing Lord:  (R. Through the intercession of St Jude)
We pray for our nation that we may return to Christ  and his message.
We pray for all the sick, housebound, lonely and the unwanted.
We pray for the young and lapsed members of  our church that they may all return to God’s house.
We pray for all who have come here for this Novena  that they may receive the heavenly graces they need.
We pray for all the deceased, especially our dear  and near ones, that they may be admitted into the
company of the saints.

Our Father…….


Heavenly Father, we thank you for the great privilege  of honouring St Jude as the special patron of our
community, to support us in our journey of faith and to  make his name known to the world. O Holy St Jude, the great wonder worker, be with all  who have gathered here to seek your powerful  intercession. May your presence give them reassurance
in times of difficulty, hope in times of hopelessness, healing in times of sickness and heavenly protection in  the hour of death. Strengthen them to be the messengers  of reconciliation and peace in the world.
May the blessing of God the Father + Son + Holy Spirit  and the special protection of St Jude be with you now
and for ever.

Novena To Our Lady Queen of the Universe

O Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, with confidence we come to implore your unfailing help.

Bearer of Life, Mother of our Saviour give birth in our hearts, to Jesus your Son who forgives our sins and brings healing to our lives.

Mother of the Church on earth hear the cry of the lowly and the poor who hunger for Jesus the Bread of life and in your loving wisdom make our prayers your own.

We, your children, humbly ask your motherly intercession for peace in the world and … (your personal intentions in silence)

Virgin gentle in mercy, Queen of the universe cover us with the veil of your protection and deliver us from the darkness of evil.

Protect us from all danger, sickness natural disasters and unprepared death.

Teach us by prayer and self control the meaning of truth and the beauty of love,that with minds and hearts that are healed and pure,we may come at last to that heavenly kingdom  where you are the Queen of Angels and of Saints.


Jubilee Memorial Garden

Our Lady Queen of the Universe be with us your children