Christmas Message from Father Cyril


Emmanuel  –   The Wonder Counsellor, The Mighty God and                                                      The Prince of Peace – God with us

He comes to us today. He comes to Aleppo, Berlin, Syria, Iraq and to all His children who are wounded, broken and separated from family and friends. He comes to all who hate Him, all who destroyed His holy places and all who killed His people across the world. He comes to you and me.  For He is love, mercy and compassion. Jesus is the beacon of hope and light in our world of darkness fragmented by war, violence, secularism, religious fundamentalism, selfishness and greed. He comes to teach us humility, generosity, love and care. He comes to heal and to restore the lost unity, peace and mutual co-existence. Let us love Him, embrace Him and worship Him and let us convey His light of hope, joy and peace in our families, community, workplace and thus into the whole world. He still loves the world, He still loves you and me.