Holy Week and Easter Services

Tuesday 22nd March 7.00 pm Stations of the Cross
 7.30 pm Mass for Persecuted Christians
Wednesday 23rd March 11.30 am Chrism Mass at Cathedral
Holy Thursday 24th March  7.00 pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper

(Watch of the passion until 9.00 pm)

Good Friday 25th March 10.00 am Stations of the Cross for Children
 3.00 pm Solemn Passion of the Lord
 7.00 pm Solemn Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday 26th March  7.00 pm Solemn Easter Vigil Service
Easter Sunday 27th March  9.30 am Mass: Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord
Divine Mercy Sunday               3rd April  2.30 pm Divine Mercy Celebration


Easter Triduum

During the Sacred Triduum (the word comes from  Latin, meaning ‘three days’) we come together to celebrate the heart of our faith—the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ came to show us the meaning and purpose of life. In his own life on earth he revealed to us what it is to be fully human as God created us to be. He showed us how to live, how to relate to one another, how to build a relationship with our heavenly Father.

In his passion, death and resurrection, he confirmed that what he had revealed and promised was true:

  • This is God’s world and God has power over all life and death.
  • Nothing that can happen to us in life or death can separate us from God’s love for us.
  • In death, life is changed, not ended.












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