You will already know of the significant changes proposed by the Welsh government to the curriculum in Wales. The consultation on this proposal is taking place until the 28 July. The changes proposed for the teaching of RE will have a significant effect on our Catholic schools. If enacted, these proposals would compel Catholic schools to teach the new “Religion, Values and Ethics” syllabus as non – Church schools alongside our own confessional syllabus.

I have already had a telephone conversation on this matter with the Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams. In recent weeks, Bishop Peter Brignall and myself have written to the First Minister saying this is the wrong time for the consultation to take place and the implementation of such radical changes, particularly with the challenges facing all schools as pupils return. The Catholic Education Service is engaged in discussion with the Welsh government on the significance of this proposed legislation for our Catholic schools. They have produced briefing material to assist Heads and Governors in their response to this consultation. That information is available from Paul White at the following:

The consultation document “Curriculum for Wales: Religion, Values and Ethics” is obtainable at Please share this information as widely as possible.

George Stack

Metropolitan Archbishop of Cardiff & Apostolic Administrator of Menevia

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